11 Food Trends You’ll Love in 2021

11 food trends you'll love in 2021

11 Food Trends You’ll Love in 2021

Well, in 2021 there are plenty of new and reoccurring food trends that you have to try.

There’s one thing that everyone can agree to love. Food. Who doesn’t get excited about trying a new restaurant or dish?

Virtual Cooking Classes

Are you trying to save money on food? Do you find yourself eating out every night of the week? Good news: lots of people are having this same problem. That’s why virtual cooking classes are on the rise this year.

These classes can fit into your busy schedule, and you can learn from the comfort of home. Taking online cooking classes allows you to explore the art of cooking in the kitchen that you already use every day. Why would you practice cooking in someone else’s kitchen when you can use your own?

Meal Kit Delivery/Subscription Box

Meal kits and subscription boxes are the easiest and quickest way to have healthy, delicious meals every night of the week. And you never have to break a sweat!

There are a variety of meal delivery kits to try in 2021, and a few of the most popular are HelloFresh, Chefs Plate, and GoodFood. You can choose the one that best suits your dietary preferences and restrictions. If convenience is a priority, this food trend is exactly what you need. There’s a reason it’s a rising trend!

A Restaurant at Home

In early 2020, many restaurants began to offer takeout and delivery services to their customers. Nobody expected it to take off the way it did! The option to sit at home and eat a pre-cooked dinner is an appealing one.

Let’s face it, sometimes staying at home and watching a movie in pajamas is preferable to going and dining in at a restaurant. Millions of people must agree, because the takeout and delivery business has gone through the roof in the past year, and it’s only rising. Delivery drivers are in demand, and employees are being deferred to the takeout department of restaurants. Business is booming!

The option to stay home and eat is appealing, and this at-home restaurant experience gives everyone that opportunity.

the stay at home food trend

Grocery Delivery Services

Have you ever dreaded the idea of going into the grocery store after a long day at work? Most people have.

When the option for grocery delivery services was introduced, it caught on quickly. People have taken advantage of these grocery store chains and their innovative idea. Out of all the food trends, this is one that will undoubtedly remain popular after 2021.

Plant-Based Food Trend

Have you ever considered lessening the animal products you eat? If so, you’re doing something that has been a growing trend for years. Because of animal cruelty, health concerns, and a variety of other factors, plant-based eating has become a popular eating habit.

The number of vegetarians and vegans in the United States continues to rise, and plant-based food companies are putting out more products than ever before. Many restaurants are offering new menu items to accommodate this trend. If you haven’t considered this way of eating before, 2021 is the time to join the trend!

Milk Alternatives

Have you ever heard of almond milk? What about soy milk? Oat milk? These are variations of milk that are made of entirely plant-based products. The cow-milk industry is facing substantial changes as other variations of milk, like almond, oat, and soy milk, are growing in popularity.

For vegans or people who avoid animal products, these kinds of milk are an appealing substitute for cow milk. Even if you aren’t considering the plant-based benefit of these varieties of milk, it’s hard to ignore the nutritional differences. Alternative milk has fewer calories and less fat content. For people dieting and watching their macronutrients, this is an appealing benefit.

Alternative milk is delicious, and it’s a food trend worth trying!

Dairy milk alternatives food trends

Eco-Friendly Packaging

In an era concerned with climate change and garbage pileup, finding environmentally-friendly alternatives to packaging is one of the longer-lasting food trends taking hold in 2021.

Have you purchased metal straws, recycled, or limited your use of water bottles? Odds are, you’re doing your part in combating pollution, too. This is a trend to get behind.

Carb-Alternative Foods

Have you tried cutting carbs from your diet? You’re not alone. The keto diet, or different variations of it, is one that many people are still using to reach their weight goals. The influence of this diet continues to grow and create a demand for carb-free foods.

A growing population of people is searching for alternatives to carbs, and this 2021 food trend reflects this.

Cultural Cuisine

The urgency to learn about and experience other cultures is a growing interest, and the most affordable way to do this is through food.

Why is this specific trend on the rise in 2021? Social media platforms! More people are scrolling through platforms and taking an interest in the foods of other cultures, communities, and ethnicities than ever. Whether it be cooking these dishes at home or ordering takeout from a local restaurant, people are fascinated by different foods.

Air Fryers

Who doesn’t love delicious, crispy fried food? But there are pitfalls. Fried food is unhealthy, a disaster to cook, and the oil is horrible for the environment.

Fortunately, the air fryer came to the market.
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It may not be a new trend, but it’s one that isn’t going anywhere. This easy appliance gives food that delicious and crunchy taste without the added mess.

If you haven’t used an air fryer in the kitchen, it’s worth buying.

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Supporting Local and Family-Owned Eateries

The rise of delivery services in 2020 has brought one of many food trends that will remain long beyond 2021. Eating local. With many family restaurants and local eateries struggling to stay in business, customers around the country have made an effort to keep them afloat with business.

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Rather than the chain eateries that serve well-known food, eating locally will help real people rather than big corporations. While supporting local businesses of all varieties has been a long-standing trend, this specific food-related trend is growing in popularity and saving local restaurants around your community.

So What Food Trends Will You Follow This Year ?

There’s something in these trends that everyone can love. 2021 will be the year for unique, delicious, and fun food trends. Jump on board, and maybe you’ll find something new and exciting that you didn’t expect!


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