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Experience restaurant-quality meals at home with Chefs Plate. Enjoy delicious options starting at just $8.99 per serving.

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Last Updated: December 2023

Complete flexibility – skip, pause or cancel anytime.

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    Chefs Plate Review 2023 - What You Need to Know

    Ready to make mealtime easier (and tastier)? Look no further, as our 2023 Chefs Plate review has all the necessary information. We’ll provide an in-depth overview of their menu options, prices, membership plans, and how it stacks up against similar services.

    Welcome to our Chefs Plate review!

    When you think about who’s at the top of the meal kit service industry here in Canada, Chefs Plate ranks safely in the top three. Chefs Plate is also one of the least expensive meal kit delivery services currently on the market. So how does that translate to quality and value for your hard-earned money?

    In our experience with Chefs Plate, the lower price point can often mean slightly lesser quality ingredients or more filler.

    However, this does not imply that Chefs Plate provides poor value. They would not survive as a business if that were the case. Instead, Chefs Plate has found a sweet spot in the market where they can deliver consistently decent meal kits at an affordable price.

    This review will tell you everything you need to know about Chefs Plate and how to get started with one of Canada’s top meal kit delivery services.

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    Table of Contents
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      Overview: What is Chefs Plate?

      Chefs Plate is a Canada-based meal delivery service that offers pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes so you can prepare delicious meals at home.

      Offering a wide selection of seasonal recipes created by professional chefs, the company emphasizes sustainable, local ingredients and nutritious meals made with all-natural ingredients.

      All orders come in refrigerator-style packaging for optimal freshness and easy storage, with customization options available for dietary preferences and food allergies.

      Chefs Plate is a Toronto-based meal kit company that was founded by Patrick Meyer and Jamie Shae in 2014. It is also a recently acquired division of HelloFresh meal kits. Their aim is to help you conquer the kitchen and simplify dinnertime by offering delicious and quick meal options delivered straight to your door.

      Let’s dive in and see what Chefs Plate has to offer.

      Ingredients, Quality and Sustainability

      At Chefs Plate, they understand that quality ingredients are the key to delicious and healthy meals. They use only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients in every dish they prepare. By partnering with local and national farmers and suppliers, they can provide customers with the best possible taste, quality, and nutritional value.

      They know that using locally sourced ingredients can help their customers stay healthy and nourished while supporting Canada’s food community. They believe in the importance of sustainable food practices and are committed to providing customers with the best possible meals while supporting the local economy.

      With Chefs Plate, you can enjoy healthy, delicious meals with the peace of mind that you’re supporting sustainable food practices.

      A Venn diagram illustrating Social, Environmental and Economic Sustainable food practices
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      Screen Shot 2023 01 17 at 10.41.29 AM
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      Membership Options & Promo Code

      Chefs Plate has a very simple sign-up process which we really appreciated. There are three plan preferences to choose from: Meat and Vegetables, Vegetarian and Family Friendly. We ended up choosing the Family Friendly plan for two people with three meals per week.

      Chefs Plate offers various recipes that are made with fresh ingredients and can be cooked in just 15 minutes. With up to 24 meals per week to choose from, and the option of 2-5 recipes per week, you will be sure to find something that meets your needs and tastes. 

      The subscription plan is flexible, so if at any time we wanted to skip a week because we were going to be away or were short for cash, this is an easy fix. We are also given the option to change the amount of meals we receive each week. All alterations just need to be made the Wednesday before your delivery date.

      Don’t forget to use our exclusive promo code by clicking the ‘See Plans’ button. Get $200 OFF over three boxes plus FREE SHIPPING. As low as $2.99 per serving!

      Complete flexibility – skip, pause or cancel anytime.

      Delivery & Customer Service

      Chefs Plate delivers their affordable meal kits to most major cities across Canada. 

      Currently, Chefs Plate delivers within Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & Manitoba.

      To find out if Chefs Plate delivers to your area, enter your postal code on the Chefs Plate website to confirm.

      If you have any questions or concerns, their customer service team can assist you via email at Their customer service team provides exceptional service to ensure that your meals arrive fresh and on schedule.

      A silhouette of Canada highlighting Chefs Plate delivery areas.

      Chefs Plate Contact Info

      Chefs Plate Menu

      Chefs Plate Menu

      After signing up, we chose our meals for the week. The dashboard was very simple and easy to navigate. A calendar on the top menu allowed us to see the weekly menu options for past and upcoming meal kits.

      Each week features 24 meal choices with four vegetarian options and two to three quick 15-minute meals which cost an additional two to four dollars per meal. There is also one premium meal choice with a more expensive protein or additional ingredients, which costs an additional $3.99 per serving.

      Similar to HelloFresh, Chefs Plate offers mostly American fare along with a few international options. We saw Mexican, Mediterranean and Thai inspired meal options in upcoming weeks and found between one to four meals per week were marked as spicy.

      Chefs Plate Menu


      Is Chefs Plate Healthy? 

      Information such as calories per serving could be found when we clicked on the picture of each meal. Each ‘recipe card’ featured the overall prep and cooking time, nutritional values, ingredient list and cooking instructions. One thing we missed that has been included in other meal kits we have tried is the recipe difficulty. We are by no means experts in the kitchen, but by reading the cooking instructions we were able to decide if a meal was going to be difficult or not.

      We didn’t notice any specifically labelled healthy meal options among our choices. To check the nutritional value of each meal we had to click on each recipe and view the dietary information. If we were looking to choose only healthy options, this would be a cumbersome task.

      Luckily, we were in the mood for something filling and comforting when we ordered, so we chose two pasta dishes — Creamy Beef Stroganoff with penne and mushrooms, and a Roasted Veggie and Basil Pasta Bake with garlic ricotta. To spice things up, our last choice was a spicy Loaded Chipotle Bean Taco with rice, refried beans and lime crema.

      Chefs Plate Calories Per Serving

      Chefs Plate Review Exclusive Promo Code

      Ready to try Chefs Plate for yourself? Click the ‘See Plans’ button now and get an exclusive $200 OFF over three boxes plus FREE SHIPPING

      As low as $2.99 per serving!

      Our Experience Ordering from Chefs Plate

      We chose a Tuesday delivery date and our box arrived at 11am, which was perfect timing! We were working from home and able to pick up the delivery right away. We were very happy that the delivery person brought our box to the back of the house where the entrance to our basement apartment is as per our delivery instructions. Most deliveries end up on the front porch of our upstairs neighbours.

      All the ingredients were incredibly fresh and stayed cool because of the ice packs layered at the bottom of the insulated box. The beef for our stroganoff was directly on the ice while other ingredients for the dishes were separated into individual meal bags and placed on the top layer.

      We were happy to note that, like HelloFresh, all the packaging was recyclable in some way except for smaller sauce satchels and the sticker with nutritional information placed on the individual meal bags.

      The Chefs Plate Delivery

      Each meal kit came with a recipe card that featured a list of ingredients in our bag along with step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to make the meal. We noticed that the Chefs plate instructions are all written in a passive voice. We thought this could either be helpful or a hindrance depending on the type of reader you are.

      For example, we cooked the Chipotle Bean Tacos and Pasta Bake with some family members to make a large lunch for four. Two of us had no difficulty following the instructions for the pasta while the other two struggled with the tacos. Their biggest problem was reading the recipe incorrectly and adding too much of an ingredient when they were supposed to save a portion for another taco element. In the end, this had little effect on the taste — both the tacos and the pastas were delicious, so don’t worry too much if you muck up the instructions!

      Chefs Plate meal kit delivery

      Our Chefs Plate Recipes

      Each of the individual meals tasted fresh and flavourful. We were a bit disappointed with the spice level of the Loaded Chipotle Bean Tacos.

      We love spicy food and have a high tolerance for it. These tacos — while delicious — tasted very mild. For someone who can’t handle spice well though, these are probably more on the low to medium spice level, so don’t be afraid to try them!

      Based on this recipe, we don’t think any of the other ‘spicy’ Chefs Plate meals are more than mild/medium.

      Chefs Plate loaded greek turkey gyros
      Chefs Plate beef meatball and barley stew
      chefs plate turkey enchilada bake

      Chefs Plate Review Final Thoughts

      All in all, we were very happy with these recipes. Out of the three recipes, we would probably order the tacos again. We loved how filling and satisfying they were and would love to try them again so we can make the recipe correctly next time! We might also add some extra hot sauce or spice to it so it better suits our spice level.

      Cleaning up was also very easy, as other than some rinsing, most of the box and packaging went straight into the recycling bin.

      This box is definitely comparable to its competitors and offers a decent choice of meals with quality ingredients. The price is also phenomenal considering the amount of food you get — we had enough for leftovers every time!
      If you’d like to see how Chefs Plate compares to some of the other top meal kits in Canada have a look at our meal kits comparison pages.

      Chefs Plate Review Exclusive Promo Code

      Ready to try Chefs Plate for yourself? Click the ‘See Plans’ button now and get an exclusive $200 OFF over three boxes plus FREE SHIPPING.

      As low as $2.99 per serving!

      Yes, Chefs Plate is worth a try. Not only do you save a tremendous amount of time, but you also save money compared to eating out at a restaurant. As far as Meal Kits in Canada go, Chefs Plate is the most affordable option.

      Yes, Chefs Plate is easy to cancel. Chefs Plate offers flexible meal plans on a subscription base model to suit your needs. To skip a week or cancel your subscription, visit the " Delivery Schedule" section of your account before the weekly cutoff. The cutoff is four days before delivery at 11:59 pm PST.

      Chefs Plate is Canada's most affordable meal kit delivery service, with a non-discounted price of $59.94 per week for three recipes that feed two people. Shipping is free.
      With the first-time-customer discount, the cost is only $23.94 for the first week.

      Yes, HelloFresh entered into an agreement with the shareholders of Chefs Plate on October 17th, 2018. Chefs Plate is run as a division of HelloFresh to this day, offering the most affordable Meal Kit delivery service in Canada. 

      Chefs Plate primarily sources its ingredients from as many local, and national food producers as possible. 

      While Chefs Plate aims to delivery easy to cook, healthy meal options, sometimes the side dishes are more starch based and use more oils in the cooking process, which can lead to higher calories. To see Chefs Plate calories pre meal, click on the recipe and the nutritions values will be displayed on the right side of the recipe.

      Chefs Plate Review Exclusive Promo Code

      Ready to try Chefs Plate for yourself? Click the ‘See Plans’ button now and get an exclusive $200 OFF over three boxes plus FREE SHIPPING.

      As low as $2.99 per serving!

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