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If you’re looking to simplify your dinner routine and remove time-consuming meal planning and shopping, then HelloFresh is the meal kit for you! HelloFresh got its start in Berlin and began delivering meal kits to Canada in 2016. It has quickly become one of the most well-known meal kits in Canada and is the fastest growing — including a delivery reach that extends to most Canadian addresses. In 2018, the German based company HelloFresh stated that it had acquired  the Toronto based chefs plate in an effort to provide better a service in North America. 

HelloFresh stands out as one of the more memorable meal kits being advertised. They boast low environmental impact as a leading company value. They aim to reduce the amount of waste they create by making most of their packaging recyclable or compostable. We have heard about this company for a few years now and were curious about just how eco-friendly this service was and if the convenience and recipe quality are worth the cost of the box.

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    HelloFresh delivery Area

    • British Columbia 
    • Alberta 
    • Saskatchewan 
    • Manitoba 
    • Ontario 
    • Québec
    • Newfoundland
    • Maritimes

    Enter your postal code once you register to see if HelloFresh delivers to your location. 

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    Quality Fresh Ingredients

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    HelloFresh Contact Info

    Plans and Prices

    2-Person Meals

    Recipes delivered per week
    (each serves 2)

    Recipes per weekPrice per servingShippingWeekly total
    3$5.50FREE$32.99 *Discount Applied
    4$6.87 FREE$54.99 *Discount Applied
    5$7.50 FREE$74.99 *Discount Applied

    4-Person Meals

    Recipes delivered per week
    (each serves 4)

    Recipes per weekPrice per servingShippingWeekly total
    3$7.50FREE$89.99 *Discount Applied
    4$7.81 FREE$124.99 *Discount Applied
    5$7.25 FREE$144.99 *Discount Applied

    The HelloFresh Ordering Process

    The sign-up process for HelloFresh is fairly simple. First, we have to choose the type of meal plan we want — Meat and Veggies, Family Friendly or Vegetarian — and then customize it. We select how many people the box is for (two or four) and how many meals a week we want (three or four). The base price for each plan is the same, so we choose a Family Friendly box for two people with three meals a week. 

    At this point we wonder, how do the recipes between the three plans differ? What if we want a meal from one of the other plans one week instead of a Family Friendly meal?

    HelloFresh has 35 recipes you can choose from each week and for every box you receive you can customize the menu to your preference. This means that no matter which plan you end up signing up for, you will have access to all recipes from each plan when choosing your weekly menu at no extra cost.

    Once a plan is decided on, we choose which date we want our box delivered on. This process is super straightforward as HelloFresh puts the exact date on all the delivery options.  This way you know exactly which week your first box is going to arrive. We love this feature as some other meal kits we’ve tried will let you choose the day of the week but won’t clarify the exact date you’ve signed up for until after you’ve paid.

    About the HelloFresh Business Model

    In all our active markets, we aim to provide every household with wholesome, homemade meals – no shopping and no hassle. Everything required for delicious meals is carefully planned, carefully sourced and delivered to the front door of each customer at the time most convenient for them.


    HelloFresh Meal Selection and Options

    Once we’ve paid for the subscription, we get to the fun part — choosing our meals! 

    On the desktop version of Hello Fresh (they have a mobile app for on-the-go changes), there is a simple calendar on your dashboard showing your current, past and future delivery dates. This is where users can easily skip weeks or modify future boxes and see upcoming menus. 

    The subscription plan is very flexible and allows you to skip deliveries if you are going to be away or are on a tighter budget for the week. This menu is also where you can change the amount of meals you receive (three or four) each week. 

    Below the calendar are our recipe choices. HelloFresh has one of the largest selections we’ve seen in regards to meal options for each week. Most choices are an elevated twist on standard American fare, but we also notice some Mediterranean and Mexican inspired choices. When we browse menu options for future deliveries there are also Korean and Indian inspired dishes which feature a pepper symbol to let us know they are spicier meals. There isn’t as much variety each week as we would like to see, but everything featured still looks delicious. 

    HelloFresh Choices

    Among our choices are the five meals dedicated to the family plan; two 20-minute quick meal options (+$2.99  per serving); one special menu item which features more expensive ingredients for +$5.99 extra per serving; 10 meat and veggie options; two carb smart options for those who want to eat healthier; and five vegetarian options. 

    For each meal option given, users can click on the picture of the recipe and it brings up all the information you need to make your selection which we think is an excellent touch. This information includes ingredients, dietary information, prep and cook time, the level of difficulty and the cooking instructions. 

    We choose a meal from each plan: the Crispy Chicken with Honey-Parsley Carrots and Lemon Mayo from the Family plan; the Ground Lamb Navarin Stew with Creamy Mashed Potatoes from the Meat and Veggie plan; and the Minestrone Tortellini Stew with Cheesy Croutons from the Vegetarian plan. 

    If you don’t have time to select your meals or forget to select your meal plan, Hello Fresh automatically chooses three recipes for you each week based on your preferred plan. Choose your options based on recipe popularity and whether they meet your plan preference and dietary needs.

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    The HelloFresh Delivery

    We choose a Saturday delivery date and are notified by HelloFresh that it will arrive anywhere between 8am and 10pm on the chosen date. Users may want to have something in mind for dinner in case their kit arrives later in the evening. 

    When our package arrives, it comes right on time at 9am. Most of us are late risers on the weekend, so the package has been sitting outside for about two hours when we finally bring it in. Normally this would be too long for food items to be left outside in 20-degree weather, but we note that HelloFresh’s packaging is impeccable! 

    The entire box is insulated and includes six ice packs on the bottom layer. The ingredients are layered with meat being closest to the ice pack and the veggies and other ingredients separated into meal bags and placed on top. Despite being outside in the heat for a couple hours, all the ingredients are cool and the ice packs have barely melted.

    The Cooking Process

    HelloFresh cooking

    Each meal comes with a large recipe card which features pictures of each step of the cooking process and an ingredient list (with pictures if there are ingredients users aren’t familiar with). The cooking instructions bold ingredient names for clarity and change the font colour to purple whenever a measurement is needed. This helps us stay focused on all the important parts of the recipe while cooking.

    Is HelloFresh as eco-friendly as advertised?

    It is! We are very impressed to discover that most of the packaging is indeed recyclable or compostable in some way. All the plastics are recyclable if you take the time to rinse out the food from some of the smaller ingredient packaging, with exception to some of the smaller sauce packets and the nutrition labels on each of the meal kit bags. 

    We do find that the meal sizes are much larger portions than we need for one meal. For two out of three meals we have enough for a small lunch for one person the next day. Other than that there is minimal food waste. We find it extremely convenient that cut offs from veggies can be placed in the paper meal bags that the ingredients come in and are compostable.


    HelloFresh - The Bottom Line

    We are delighted to find that all the recipes are delicious! Even a simple meal of crispy chicken with carrots and rice has been elevated so that it is much tastier than anything we would have tried to cook on our own. Perfect for families with a mix of picky eaters and those who want something fancier than your everyday meal. 

    Our personal favourite meal of the three is the vegetarian Minestrone Tortellini Stew. The soup is delicious, and the tortellini and croutons make it a hearty and filling meal. Of all the recipes we tested, the soup is one we would definitely order again. 

    Overall, we are very happy with this meal kit! There is barely any waste, the food is delicious and for the price, it seems like a valuable investment. The time saved on meal planning and grocery shopping combined with a reasonable price make this kit a convenient choice for any busy family. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No problem. The insulated cooler bags are packed with ice packs and insulated liners to ensure that your ingredients will stay as fresh as possible for as long as it takes even if you’re not home to receive the delivery.

    No, at this time HelloFresh does not offer a "return it" program. However, the majority of packaging and material are fully recyclable. 


    HelloFresh delivers between 8 AM and 8 PM for both residential and business addresses. 

    Absolutely! HelloFresh is 100% flexible and allows you to skip, change or cancel you subscription, HelloFresh lets you do this though the "My Deliveries" page. 

    • If your delivery is scheduled for Thursday, or Saturday, you can skip or change your order until preceding Wednesday at 11:59PM PST
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