Add Everyday Grocery Items To Your GoodFood Meal Kit Delivery


Since this year has fundamentally changed the way we look at running errands and, as Canada goes back into lockdown, more people are looking for ways to avoid holiday crowds and busy grocery stores.

Goodfood’s service have been growing in popularity. And thanks to the time they save on meal planning and the free delivery fees. The easy practicality of having pre-portioned ingredients sent straight to your front (or back) door has been a life saver for many Canadians who’ve felt uneasy about frequent grocery store trips. 

So, to make things more convenient Goodfood has added extra grocery items to their meal kit delivery service for those who want to avoid their weekly trip to the grocery store altogether. 

Who is Goodfood, you ask?

For those who haven’t heard of Goodfood, they are a Montreal-based meal kit delivery service. Their mission is to bring fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to all Canadians while maintaining affordable prices.  See our full review of Goodfood Here. The service is Canada’s #1 meal-kit delivery subscription and delivers more than 1,000,000 meals every month. Goodfood specializes in healthy, fresh and tasty options and offers enough variety to accommodate most dietary needs. 

The concept is simple. First, sign up for one of their weekly baskets (Easy-Prep, Classic, Vegetarian, Clean15 or Family). Next, customize the number of portions and the number of recipes you want each week. Then you can choose from 18 different original recipes created by Goodfood’s in-house culinary team. They deliver your recipes to your door weekly. Enjoy minimal prep work and a delicious meal! You can even choose to skip a week if you’re going to be away or need a break.

Their recipes choices change each week, so you can try something new with each upcoming box. If you find a favourite recipe, don’t worry! They bring back highly rated meals frequently so you can keep enjoying the recipes you love.

Grocery item add-ons

Their recent expansion into grocery delivery is an added bonus for those who have last-minute food necessities they’ve forgotten to pick up. 

Customers can choose from a variety of grocery options including everyday essentials, bakery, dairy, frozen items, meat & seafood, snacks and desserts. Each of these grocery items can be added to your weekly box subscription so you don’t have to worry about receiving and waiting for multiple packages each week. 

Ideal if you are out of time to run to the store. Or, just want to avoid the bustle of weekly shopping. You can grab items like a fresh loaf of bread, eggs, butter, dark chocolate pecan pies, a frozen appetizer platter or salted snack mixes. There’s something for everyone.

Goodfood Meal Kit Delivery Discount Code

If you’re looking to save time AND money, Goodfood also has a Weekly Deals section. $5 for items like fresh pita bread, Chocolate Truffle Ganache Dessert, Salted Caramel Cheesecake, Black Pepper Rosette de Lyon dried-pork sausage, and extra-thick butcher-cut bacon. All of Goodfood’s grocery items can be added to your weekly box for 15% less than other online grocery items, which makes them the ultimate choice for virtual grocery shopping. 

Finally, for first-time buyers, don’t forget to take advantage of Goodfood’s ‘3 Meals Free’ promotion running now! Use the code 3FREEADW and get three meals in your first basket for free.


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