Goodfood Review 2024: Your Gateway to Effortless Gourmet Dining

Steam rises from a tantalizing dish of freshly cooked pasta, sprinkled with a perfect blend of herbs and spices. This sumptuous Goodfood meal encapsulates the essence of our Goodfood review, showcasing the simplicity and elegance of meals you can prepare at home with their meal kits. Experience the taste of gourmet dining with the convenience of Goodfood's carefully crafted recipes.

Discovering the Delights of Goodfood's Meal Kits

Welcome to our detailed Goodfood review for 2024! If you’re curious about what makes Goodfood one of Canada’s top meal kit services, you’re in the right place. As a passionate food enthusiast and a discerning meal kit connoisseur, I’ve explored the ins and outs of Goodfood’s offerings. From their tantalizing menus to the convenience they bring to the dinner table, join me as we delve into what sets Goodfood apart in the world of gourmet meal kits.

Goodfood has been on a mission to transform the way Canadians dine at home since its inception. In this review, I’ll share my personal experiences with their meal kits, shedding light on the quality of ingredients, the diversity of their menu options, and the overall ease of use. Whether you’re a busy professional seeking quick meal solutions or a home cook looking to add some flair to your culinary repertoire, Goodfood promises a blend of convenience and quality that’s hard to resist.

What really intrigued me about Goodfood was not just the variety of their meals but also their commitment to sustainability and community support. As we explore the nitty-gritty of Goodfood’s service, from ordering to cooking, I’ll highlight the aspects that make it a top choice for Canadian households. So, whether you’re considering your first meal kit adventure or you’re a seasoned subscriber browsing for a new option, this Goodfood review aims to give you all the insights you need.

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Experience the Goodfood Difference

Dive into the world of Goodfood, where each meal kit is an adventure waiting on your doorstep. We understand that life gets busy, and finding time to create nutritious and delicious meals can be a challenge. That’s where Goodfood steps in – to bring you a seamless culinary experience that doesn’t just end at convenience. The meal kits are thoughtfully curated to introduce you to a symphony of flavours, all while keeping health and simplicity at the forefront.

With Goodfood, you’re not just cooking; you’re exploring. You’re discovering new tastes every week, sourced from the freshest, seasonal ingredients. Their commitment goes beyond the kitchen, with a steadfast dedication to sustainability and community support. We’re proud to create a positive impact with every box delivered, from reducing food waste to contributing to charitable causes. This isn’t just meal prep; it’s a step towards a more mindful way of eating.

  • Curated Culinary Adventures: Over 40 unique recipes each week to satisfy your culinary curiosity.
  • Freshness First: Only the highest quality, seasonal ingredients make it into your Goodfood box.
  • Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Easy-to-modify subscriptions and meal plans to fit your lifestyle.
  • Sustainability Served: Eco-friendly packaging and a commitment to reducing food waste.
  • Community-Centric: Each purchase helps donate a meal to a child in need.

The Quick Dish Score

At The Quick Dish, we take our reviews seriously, knowing that our audience trusts us to provide honest and thorough insights. After extensive sampling and consideration, we’ve awarded Goodfood with a commendable score of 4.0 out of 5. This score reflects our comprehensive assessment of their meal kits, considering everything from ingredient quality and recipe variety to packaging sustainability and customer service.

The Quick Dish Score (4.0/5)

Goodfood Reviews on Trustpilot

Customer voices resonate at the heart of every service, and the Trustpilot reviews for Goodfood paint a vivid picture of user satisfaction and value. With a solid trust score of 3.8 out of 5 stars from over 42,000 reviews, Goodfood’s commitment to quality and service is reflected in the experiences of countless Canadians. A majority of users have rated Goodfood with high marks, appreciating the convenience, taste, and variety offered by their meal kits. Here’s a snapshot of what real customers are saying, covering the full spectrum from 5-star praises to constructive feedback, each centered around the key aspect of value that Goodfood brings to the table.

Trustpilot 4.5-stars

Trustscore 4.4 | 1086 Reviews

Exploring Goodfood's Gourmet Selections

In this Goodfood review, we’re taking a culinary journey through their vast array of menu options, designed to cater to diverse palates and dietary needs. Goodfood’s commitment to quality and variety is apparent in their weekly selection of over 40 mouth-watering recipes. Let’s dive into the culinary treasures that make Goodfood a standout choice for Canadian food enthusiasts.

Wide-Ranging Menu for Every Taste:

Goodfood’s culinary canvas is vast and varied, offering something special for every member of the household. From the robust flavors of international cuisines to the comfort of familiar classics, here’s what you can expect:

  • Easy Prep Basket: For those looking to streamline their cooking without compromising on taste, the Easy Prep Basket is a godsend. Quick, delicious meals with minimal prep time.
  • Clean 15 Basket: Health enthusiasts will appreciate the Clean 15 Basket, featuring ingredients known for low pesticide levels and clean eating.
  • Classic Basket: A perfect mix of innovation and tradition, the Classic Basket includes a wide range of recipes to explore.
  • Vegetarian Basket: Vegetarians are well-catered to with a basket brimming with plant-based goodness, turning simple vegetables into extraordinary meals.
  • Family Basket: Catering to the tastes of both young and old, the Family Basket is filled with meals that are sure to please every palate at the dinner table.

Personalization and Add-Ons:

Goodfood understands the joy of personalization in meal preparation. Subscribers can set preferences, and Goodfood curates recipes to match, offering the flexibility to change up the pre-selected options. Moreover, an assortment of add-ons – from exotic spices and fresh herbs to decadent sweets – ensures that every meal is as unique as the individual preparing it.

Commitment to Dietary Needs and Transparency:

Health and safety are paramount at Goodfood. Allergens are clearly marked on recipe cards, and ingredients are thoughtfully packaged to allow for easy substitutions, though they advise caution for severe allergies due to shared facility assembly. Their online grocery and marketplace, featuring local Canadian produce and themed bundles like ‘Italian Feast,’ further underscore their dedication to a holistic culinary experience.


Goodfood’s expansive menu, coupled with their dedication to health, convenience, and personalization, truly sets them apart in the Canadian meal kit market. They don’t just deliver ingredients; they deliver the joy of cooking, the excitement of taste, and the peace of mind that comes with a well-thought-out meal plan.

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A couple enjoys a moment of connection in a cozy, rustic kitchen, capturing the essence of home cooking with Goodfood. The man, with a gentle smile, watches as the woman, dressed in a chic turtleneck, tastes a spoonful from a steaming pot, her expression a mix of concentration and delight. The kitchen is a tableau of warmth and culinary activity, with pots on the stove and an assortment of cups and utensils hanging neatly above. This image encapsulates the shared joy and discovery found in preparing and savouring Goodfood's gourmet selections together.

Culinary Adventures with Goodfood: A Hands-On Review

Taking a culinary journey with Goodfood isn’t just about enjoying great meals; it’s about the joy and discovery that comes with cooking them. This section of our review dives into the hands-on experience of bringing Goodfood’s recipes to life. From the unboxing of fresh ingredients to the final taste test, we’ll walk you through the entire process.

The Recipes:

Each Goodfood box is a treasure trove of easy-to-follow recipes. The clarity of the instructions is commendable, with each step thoughtfully designed to make the cooking process a breeze. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned cook, Goodfood ensures you never feel lost in the kitchen.

Time Management:

Goodfood’s promise of convenience holds true with well-estimated cooking times. The recipes allow for a seamless flow, even when multitasking between prep work and actual cooking. For those evenings when time is of the essence, Goodfood proves to be a reliable ally, helping you put a meal on the table without the rush.

Flavours & Creativity:

Flavour is the soul of any dish, and Goodfood doesn’t disappoint. Their culinary team has done a stellar job of creating a medley of recipes that are as flavourful as they are varied. The ingredients provided are a testament to Goodfood’s commitment to freshness and quality, with each dish bursting with natural, robust flavours.


One of the highlights of Goodfood is the adaptability of their recipes. If you’re looking to put a personal twist on a dish or substitute an ingredient for dietary reasons, the recipes are forgiving and flexible. This adaptability encourages experimentation and personalization, making each meal uniquely yours.

Final Thoughts:

Our cooking experience with Goodfood was nothing short of delightful. The diversity in their menu kept our taste buds on their toes, and the clear instructions took the intimidation out of trying new and intricate dishes. Whether we stuck to the script or ventured out with substitutions, the end result was consistently satisfying. Goodfood has mastered the art of delivering a culinary experience that is as enjoyable in the making as it is in the eating.

Goodfood: A Commitment to Quality and Local Sourcing

Goodfood is not just another meal kit provider; it’s a testament to the power of fresh, high-quality ingredients sourced right from Canada’s lush farmlands. Our review delves into the heart of Goodfood’s ingredient sourcing and quality, revealing how they bring the farm’s bounty directly to your kitchen with an unwavering commitment to nutrition and sustainability.

The Goodfood Promise:

When you choose Goodfood, you’re choosing more than just convenience. You’re ensuring that every bite you take is infused with the freshness only local Canadian farms can provide. With produce that’s typically seven days fresher than grocery store finds, Goodfood supports local economies and offers you a taste of Canada’s best, right on your plate.

Nutritional Diversity:

With a rotating menu of over 40 recipes each week, Goodfood doesn’t just promise variety; it delivers a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. From the vibrant colours of heirloom vegetables to the unique textures of specialty produce, each meal kit is a celebration of nutritional diversity and culinary innovation.

Ethical Partnerships:

Goodfood’s partnerships reflect their dedication to ethical sourcing. By choosing suppliers like Berlo’s Best and JAG, who are steadfast in sustainable farming and certified green production, Goodfood ensures that quality is never compromised. Similarly, GNC Farms and Big Marble Farms contribute to a rich tapestry of ingredients that form the backbone of Goodfood’s diverse menu.

Ocean-Friendly Choices:

Sustainability extends to the sea with Goodfood’s ocean-friendly seafood selections. Sourced responsibly and recommended by Ocean Wise, their seafood options like black cod and yellowfin tuna not only taste exceptional but also support the sustainability of marine life.

Goodfood sets the bar high, intertwining quality with sustainability. Their focus on locally sourced, nutrient-rich ingredients provides an unparalleled culinary experience while fostering a sustainable food future. With Goodfood, each meal is a step towards a healthier planet and a better tomorrow.

Culinary Adventures with Goodfood: A Hands-On Review

Understanding the investment in your meal kits is essential, and Goodfood offers a diverse range of options to suit varied needs and preferences. Their pricing structure is designed to provide flexibility and value, ensuring that every family in Canada can enjoy gourmet meals at home. Let’s break down the cost of bringing Goodfood into your kitchen:

Easy Prep Basket:

  • 2 People, 3 Recipes: $95.94 (Price per serving: $14.99). Delivery: Currently waived.
  • 2 People, 4 Recipes: $119.92 (Price per serving: $14.99). Delivery: Currently waived.
  • 4 People, 2 Recipes: $119.92 (Price per serving: $14.99). Delivery: Currently waived.
  • 4 People, 3 Recipes: $167.88 (Price per serving: $14.99). Delivery: Currently waived.
  • 4 People, 4 Recipes: $203.84 (Price per serving: $12.74). Delivery: Currently waived.

Low Carb Basket:

  • 2 People, 3 Recipes: $104.94 (Price per serving: $17.49). Delivery: Currently waived.
  • 2 People, 4 Recipes: $135.92 (Price per serving: $16.99). Delivery: Currently waived.
  • 4 People, 2 Recipes: $135.92 (Price per serving: $16.99). Delivery: Currently waived.
  • 4 People, 3 Recipes: $191.88 (Price per serving: $15.99). Delivery: Currently waived.
  • 4 People, 4 Recipes: $235.84 (Price per serving: $14.74). Delivery: Currently waived.

Classic Basket:

  • 2 People, 3 Recipes: $89.94 (Price per serving: $14.99). Delivery: Currently waived.
  • 2 People, 4 Recipes: $111.92 (Price per serving: $13.99). Delivery: Currently waived.
  • 4 People, 2 Recipes: $111.92 (Price per serving: $13.99). Delivery: Currently waived.
  • 4 People, 3 Recipes: $155.88 (Price per serving: $12.99). Delivery: Currently waived.
  • 4 People, 4 Recipes: $187.84 (Price per serving: $11.74). Delivery: Currently waived.

Vegetarian Basket:

  • 2 People, 3 Recipes: $83.94 (Price per serving: $13.99). Delivery: Currently waived.
  • 4 People, 2 Recipes: $103.92 (Price per serving: $12.99). Delivery: Currently waived.
  • 4 People, 3 Recipes: $143.88 (Price per serving: $11.99). Delivery: Currently waived.

Family Basket:

  • 4 People, 2 Recipes: $107.92 (Price per serving: $13.49). Delivery: Currently waived.
  • 4 People, 3 Recipes: $149.88 (Price per serving: $12.49). Delivery: Currently waived.
  • 4 People, 4 Recipes: $179.84 (Price per serving: $11.24). Delivery: Currently waived.

Subscription Flexibility:

Goodfood champions a flexible subscription model, perfectly suited to the dynamic schedules of today’s families. Adjust your meal plan, skip weeks or plan ahead for up to 12 weeks, all without any additional cost. This hassle-free approach ensures that you receive Goodfood’s meal kits only when it suits you, providing utmost convenience.

Goodfood’s pricing strategy is competitive and comprehensive, catering to an array of family sizes and dietary preferences. With the current promotion waiving delivery charges, there’s even more value in every box. Dive into Goodfood’s offerings and discover how their meal plans can effortlessly fit into your lifestyle and budget.

Goodfood Exclusive Offer:

Take the first step on a delectable journey with Goodfood and savour the advantage of up to $90 off your first box. It’s an invitation to experience the ease and variety of our top-rated meal kits, now within easier reach thanks to free delivery on your initial order. There’s no better time to explore our array of delightful, easy-to-prepare meals.

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Sustainability in Every Box: A Goodfood Review on Packaging and Delivery

Our Goodfood review extends beyond taste and convenience to examine the brand’s profound commitment to sustainability. Goodfood doesn’t just deliver meals; they deliver an environmental promise with each kit, combining responsibility with culinary delight.

Sustainable Practices from Start to Finish:

In this Goodfood review, we highlight the company’s ethos of “being good-er” which shines through their local sourcing and delivery methods. They have transformed meal kit delivery into a sustainable practice, starting from local Canadian farms to your dining table, thereby reducing food miles and supporting eco-friendly farming practices.

Innovations in Eco-Friendly Packaging:

As part of our Goodfood review, we took a close look at their packaging. Goodfood is on a mission to ensure that their packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable. They are actively innovating to maintain the quality and freshness of ingredients while minimizing the ecological footprint.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint:

This Goodfood review acknowledges their commitment to offsetting emissions from deliveries. Through their initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint, Goodfood makes a conscious effort to contribute to a healthier planet with each meal kit delivered.

A Leaner, Greener Supply Chain:

Our Goodfood review recognizes the brand’s claim that their meal kit delivery service is not only convenient but also more environmentally friendly than traditional grocery shopping, generating 33% fewer carbon emissions and underscoring their dedication to a sustainable supply chain.


Through this Goodfood review, it’s clear that Goodfood’s service is about more than just food. It’s about delivering a sustainable future, one meal kit at a time. Goodfood proves that a service can feed a family and nurture the planet simultaneously, making each delivery an investment in our collective future.

Goodfood's Customer Support: Ensuring Member Happiness

An outstanding meal kit experience extends beyond the box — it includes the support you receive whenever you need it. In this segment of our Goodfood review, we spotlight the robust customer support system that underscores Goodfood’s dedication to member satisfaction.

Comprehensive Support Channels:

Goodfood’s Member Happiness team is easily reachable and always ready to assist. Whether it’s a question about your subscription or a specific request regarding your delivery, their live chat feature is available Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time, and on weekends from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. This immediate access to support ensures that any concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.

Freshness Guarantee:

Goodfood is so confident in the quality of their ingredients that they offer a freshness guarantee. Meals are crafted to stay fresh for a week post-delivery, with a recommendation to follow the best before dates on proteins. If you ever encounter an issue with ingredient quality, Goodfood encourages you to snap a photo and reach out to their support team. They are committed to making it right, living up to their promise of peak freshness.

Flexibility with Your Plan:

Adjusting your Goodfood plan is a breeze. The platform allows you to log in, select your preferences, and make changes up until the cutoff period indicated. The option to skip up to 12 weeks in advance offers unparalleled flexibility, accommodating the unpredictable nature of modern life.

Delivery Across Canada:

From bustling metropolises to quaint rural areas, Goodfood’s delivery network spans Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Maritimes. If you’re unsure about delivery in your area, the Member Happiness team is just a chat away to assist you.


Goodfood’s member-centric approach is a cornerstone of their service. With a responsive customer support team, a robust freshness guarantee, and a user-friendly platform, Goodfood ensures that each member’s experience is as smooth and satisfying as their meals.

The Verdict: Goodfood Delivers on Its Promise

As we wrap up our comprehensive Goodfood review, it’s clear that this meal kit service is not just about delivering food; it’s about delivering a culinary experience. With an extensive range of recipes, high-quality ingredients, and a commitment to sustainability, Goodfood stands out as a formidable player in the Canadian meal kit market.

Goodfood’s innovative approach to meal prep combines convenience with creativity, allowing you to explore new flavours while also catering to your health and dietary needs. The flexibility of their subscription plans, coupled with their responsive customer support, offers a tailored experience that adapts to your lifestyle.

From the first click on their website to the last bite of their delectable dishes, Goodfood impresses with its attention to detail and customer-centric ethos. The dedication to reducing their environmental impact further enhances the appeal, allowing you to enjoy great meals with a clear conscience.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking a meal kit service that values quality, variety, and eco-consciousness, Goodfood is certainly worth considering. Whether you’re a busy professional, a family on the go, or a culinary adventurer, Goodfood has something to offer. And with their continuous efforts to improve and expand their services, we can only expect them to get “good-er” with time.

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Yes, managing your Goodfood subscription is straightforward. You can pause, skip weeks, or cancel your subscription at any time through your account settings. The platform's user-friendly interface allows for hassle-free modifications to suit your schedule, with the ability to make changes up until the weekly cutoff period.

Goodfood is currently waiving the delivery fee for their meal kits, offering even greater value to their customers. Typically, there is a standard delivery charge, but as part of their promotional offers, delivery costs are often waived, making it more affordable to enjoy their wide range of meal options.

Goodfood provides an expansive selection of over 40 unique recipes each week, including options for various dietary preferences such as vegetarian, low-carb, and family-friendly meals. They also offer a variety of basket types, including Easy Prep, Clean 15, Classic, and Family Baskets, to cater to different culinary needs and preferences.

Goodfood is committed to delivering the freshest ingredients possible by prioritizing local sourcing. Their produce is often about seven days fresher than what's typically available in grocery stores. They also offer a freshness guarantee, recommending that non-vegetarian recipes be consumed by the best before date indicated on the protein packaging.

Goodfood takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability, with a commitment to reducing environmental impact through local sourcing, eco-friendly packaging, and carbon footprint reduction. They are also working towards ensuring that 100% of their packaging is recyclable or compostable and have committed to offsetting emissions from their meal kit deliveries.

Yes, new customers can enjoy an exclusive Goodfood offer, which typically includes a significant discount off their first box. These promotions are subject to change, so it's best to check the latest offer on the Goodfood website or through their customer support channels.