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Goodfood Meal Kit Review

The goal at Goodfood is to help Canadians prepare delicious and healthy meals at home, and boy are they succeeding! Founded in 2014 by Jonathan Ferrari, Neil Cuggy and Raffi Krikorian, Goodfood is now one of the most popular meal kit services in Canada. Today, the meal-kit company has a team of over 500 people delivering over 1,000,000 meals each month and can deliver to 95% of the Canadian population.

When we were researching meal kits to try, Goodfood definitely stood out as a top contender based on the menu alone. All of the recipes were intriguing and there were some dishes we’d never seen before, so we were eager to try this box for ourselves and see if everything tasted as good as it looked. As an added bonus, the shipping was free AND for every box purchased from Goodfood, a nutritious meal is donated to a child in need at school.

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    Goodfood delivery Area

    • British Columbia 
    • Alberta 
    • Saskatchewan 
    • Manitoba 
    • Ontario 
    • Québec
    • Maritimes

    Enter your postal code once you register to see if Goodfood delivers to your location. 

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    Goodfood Contact Info

    Easy Prep Basket

    2-Person Meals

    Recipes delivered per week
    (each serves 2)

    Recipes per weekPrice per servingShippingWeekly total
    3$9.74FREE$58.44 *Discount Applied
    4$9.99 FREE$79.92 *Discount Applied

    4-Person Meals

    Recipes delivered per week
    (each serves 4)

    Recipes per weekPrice per servingShippingWeekly total
    2$9.99FREE$79.92 *Discount Applied
    3$10.24FREE$122.88 *Discount Applied
    4$9.62 FREE$153.84 *Discount Applied

    Classic Basket

    2-Person Meals

    Recipes delivered per week
    (each serves 2)

    Recipes per weekPrice per servingShippingWeekly total
    3$8.74FREE$52.44 *Discount Applied
    4$8.99 FREE$71.92 *Discount Applied

    4-Person Meals

    Recipes delivered per week
    (each serves 4)

    Recipes per weekPrice per servingShippingWeekly total
    2$8.99FREE$71.92 *Discount Applied
    3$9.24 FREE$110.88 *Discount Applied
    4$8.62FREE$137.84 *Discount Applied

    Clean15 (Low carb) Basket

    2-Person Meals

    Recipes delivered per week
    (each serves 2)

    Recipes per weekPrice per servingShippingWeekly total
    3$11.49FREE$68.94 *Discount Applied
    4$11.99 FREE$95.92 *Discount Applied

    4-Person Meals

    Recipes delivered per week
    (each serves 4)

    Recipes per weekPrice per servingShippingWeekly total
    2$11.99FREE$95.92 *Discount Applied
    3$12.24 FREE$146.88 *Discount Applied
    4$11.62FREE$185.84 *Discount Applied

    Vegetarian Basket

    2-Person Meals

    Recipes delivered per week
    (each serves 2)

    Recipes per weekPrice per servingShippingWeekly total
    3$7.74FREE$46.44 *Discount Applied

    4-Person Meals

    Recipes delivered per week
    (each serves 4)

    Recipes per weekPrice per servingShippingWeekly total
    2$7.99FREE$63.92 *Discount Applied
    3$8.24FREE$98.88 *Discount Applied

    Family-Style Basket

    4-Person Meals

    Recipes delivered per week
    (each serves 4)

    Recipes per weekPrice per servingShippingWeekly total
    2$8.49FREE$67.92 *Discount Applied
    3$8.74FREE$104.88 *Discount Applied
    4$8.12FREE$129.84 *Discount Applied

    Ordering from Goodfood

    Like most meal kits, when you sign up for Goodfood you choose your meal plan (Easy-Prep Basket, Classic Basket or Family Basket), and the number of portions and meals you need each week. We noted that the Easy-Prep Basket was slightly more expensive than the Classic Basket, costing $1.77 more per serving. Also, the Family Basket only allows you to choose a serving size of four people, so if you are a couple you can only order the Classic or Easy-Prep baskets. The Classic Basket comes with a vegetarian option which, if chosen, decreases the cost of your basket by $1.06. The Easy-Prep Basket features pre-cut ingredients for faster prep times and comes with a low-carb option which, if chosen, increases the cost of your basket by $1.58.

    We decided on the Classic Basket for two people with three recipes. Once we’d entered our shipping and payment information and agreed to the subscription, Goodfood took us to our main dashboard. The desktop dashboard was very organized and easy to navigate with the calendar at the top of the page and menu categories listed on the left-hand side. We noticed that Goodfood doesn’t just offer dinner but also breakfast, brunch, dessert, side and soup options for an extra fee.

    The subscription is flexible and allows you to skip weeks if you are going to be away or need to take a break for any reason. If a major event happens and you need to take several months off you can place a three month hold on your account so that you don’t have to worry about remembering to skip weeks ahead of time. The subscription will notify you when your hold is about to end and ask if you’d like to extend the hold or proceed with choosing items for your next box. 

    Goodfood Meal Selection and Options

    No matter which basket you choose, once signed up for the subscription you get access to all the menu items from each basket — some items will just cost more than others. The prices for each dish can be found at the bottom of each menu item. Certain meals are flagged for convenience so you can see at a glance what is a member’s favourite, a 20 minute cook time, a one-pot wonder, L’artisan (more expensive and exotic ingredients like squid-ink noodles!), spicy or low carb. We were disappointed to find that there were only three vegetarian meals to choose from each week, but aren’t sure if there are more to choose from if you select the vegetarian option when you are choosing your plan in the sign-up process.

    When we clicked on each recipe it brought up a brief recipe card which gave a summary of the dish, listed any ingredients that may be allergens, and the cook time. It also provided a link to a more detailed page which included calorie counts, a full ingredient list, a list of the cooking utensils needed along with a full nutrition guide and the preparation instructions. We really appreciated that these links had a list of what kitchen items we’d be needing because we recently moved and are still missing some utensils.

    Goodfood Choices

    At first glance, all of the recipe choices are quite fancy looking! We were surprised at how elevated these dishes looked and appreciated how they tried to incorporate healthier choices for grains and greens. We saw a lot of East and South Asian ingredients being used across the board in most menu options, which was a nice change from other meal kits.

    In the end we chose one vegetarian option, the Creamy Mushroom & Miso Spaghetti with Asian Greens, and two classic recipes, the Seared Shrimp with Herbed Finger Lime Salsa over Orzotto & Seasonal Vegetables and the Mustard Pork Chops with Roasted Potatoes & Honeyed Brussels Sprouts Slaw. 

    The Goodfood Meal Kit Delivery

    We chose a Saturday delivery date and were told our package would arrive sometime between 8am and 10pm. It arrived at around 1:30pm. At the time we were visiting some family, so the package was left outside for around three and half hours before we got home. This ended up being no issue at all because the weather was cool and the box was insulated and layered with a large ice pack. 

    Our shrimp and pork were placed directly on the ice pack, which was about half-way melted when we brought it. Both meats were both cool to the touch. The remaining ingredients came in clear plastic meal bags. 

    Other than some slight bruising on our cucumber, all of the ingredients looked fresh and crisp. We were also impressed with the fact that our pasta was fresh instead of dry! All of the meal kits we’ve tried so far have used dry pasta, so fresh spaghetti noodles was a really nice change of pace. 

    Most of the packaging was recyclable, including the ice pack which had to be drained and rinsed before going into the bin. Only smaller sauce satchels and sticker labels ended up going into the garbage.

    Cooking our Goodfood Recipes

    Compared to other meal kits we did find that the Goodfood recipes were more difficult than others that we’ve tried. The instructions were easy to follow with bolded font highlighting ingredients and measurements. The difficult part was that a lot of steps had to be done simultaneously and each of the recipes had an ingredient we’d never used before. We felt that time management and being open to trying new ingredients was the key to mastering these recipes. 

    Each recipe challenged us to improve our skills as cooks and we found ourselves feeling very chef-like as we prepared our meals. Despite our mediocre cooking skills, all of our meals turned out delicious! Each meal tasted like something we would have ordered in a restaurant, which left us feeling very accomplished.

    Out of the three recipes our favourite was the Creamy Mushroom & Miso Spaghetti. The fresh pasta made all the difference and we hope that Goodfood continues to expand its vegetarian options because we are quickly learning that they are usually our favourite meals!   

    We would definitely recommend this box to anyone who is looking for a challenge in the kitchen or who would like to elevate their eating experience. We would also recommend this box to any families who are wanting to try something new as there were many family-friendly options, such as burgers and crispy chicken, that could win over any pick eater.

    Goodfood Meal Kit - The Bottom Line

    Goodfood offers an excellent meal kit box if you are looking to change up your eating experience and try some new and healthy ingredients. Each of the meals are restaurant-quality and feature some of the freshest and most interesting ingredients we’ve ever seen in a meal kit. 

    The high quality more than makes up for the initial costs. If you’re looking for simpler recipes with fewer ingredients but still want the quality Goodfood is known for, we suggest checking out their budget-friendly ‘Yumm’ meal-kit service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No problem. The insulated cooler bags are packed with ice packs and insulated liners to ensure that your ingredients will stay as fresh as possible for as long as it takes even if you’re not home to receive the delivery.

    At this time, the Box Pick-Up program is temporarily suspended sue to on going and changing COVID-19 restrictions. With that said, you can always contact the Member Happiness team at for inquiry.

    Goodfood delivers to residential addresses up to 8 PM local time, and 5 PM for offices.

    Goodfood makes it easy to skip a week, or up to 12 weeks if you really want. Just visit the "Your Selection" page and click "Skip Week". If you'd like to skip more than the one week, just visit the "Delivery Schedule" page in your profile. 


    • If your scheduled delivery is for Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday you can skip until the preceding Wednesday at 11:59 PM EST.
    • If your scheduled delivery is for Thursday, Friday or Saturday you can skip until the preceding Saturday at 11:59 PM EST.
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