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I wanted to share my most recent experience with you all, after receiving my last Fresh Prep meal kit delivery. To be honest my family has not been ordering a lot of meal kits lately, primarily because I feel like these kits are a bit of luxury that we can’t afford these days. 

However, it just happened to work out that I placed an order in an effort to break the old dinner time routine and try something new. 

I truly believe that meal kits have a place for this exact reason, to save time and break out of the rut. So this time I thought I’d try Fresh Prep again, since we’ve been very happy with their meals in the past, and I really like their Zero Waste kit concept.

What Fresh Prep meals did we choose?

So, on April 4th I went ahead and placed an order for the delivery on the 10th. We’re not Vegan’s, or even strictly vegetarian here in our house, but I thought the vegan coconut chickpea masala looked interesting, and definitely not something we would cook normally. 

To balance the vegan option, I went with the spicy dynamite chicken and rice, which also happened to be one of the Zero Waste kit options. 

The Delivery

On the 10th, our Fresh Prep meal kit showed up on our doorstep around midday safely in its insulated cooler bag. As soon as I noticed the delivery, I brought the bag in and started to unpack the contents. I like to inspect the ingredients for freshness and quality right away whenever possible, and transfer the individual meal kits into the fridge.

The first meal I had a look at was the coconut chickpea masala. There were a few more ingredients to that one, and I wanted to check out how fresh the veggies were. After unpacking the bag, I was happy to see nice fresh spinach, firm ripe peppers and even the cilantro was in great condition. 

Essentially all the ingredients in that meal kit were as fresh and crisp as if they came direct from the produce section of our local supermarket.

Fresh ingredients from our Coconut chickpea masala recipe

The next to check was the Spicy dynamite chicken meal kit. And like I’ve mentioned before, I really like the Fresh Prep Zero waste kit concept. All the ingredients are pre-copped, per-portioned and ready to be transformed into a quick and tasty dinner. I opened the individually insulated bag for the chicken and put it into the fridge. But here’s where things were not quite as I had hoped. 

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What was the issue with our Fresh Prep order?

Unfortunately, one of the measured portions of the sauce/dressing had cracked in the packing process and leaked its contents throughout the kit. Overall the damage to the other ingredients was not too bad since each one has its own sealed section. 

However, the one ingredient that took the brunt of the damage was the green onions which were placed on the bottom of the container, and rendered pretty much useless.

Fresh prep zero waste kit - spicy dynamite chicken

Now I’m pretty chill when it comes to these sorts of things. Stuff happens, no big deal. However it’s not much fun to have to clean up the contents, and ingredients of the meal kit, before you get cooking. But before getting into that I thought I better take a few pictures of the current state of things, especially since there was a broken container in the meal kit. 

After cleaning everything, and thoroughly checking everything over, I managed to continue making dinner.

How did Fresh Prep Customer Service treat us?

Considering there was a broken component in the meal kit, I wanted to let the Fresh Prep customer service team know right away. I did a quick search on the Fresh Prep website, in their FAQ section, under general to find an email address to contact them about the issue. 

The next day I sent them a message explaining the situation and included the photos of everything as they requested in the FAQ. I received an automated resonance, that day letting me know that my email was received, and would be reviewed by their team. 

That same day I received a response from the team at Fresh Prep, apologizing for the inconvenience and also offering me a $15 credit applied to my account. Their customer service was very quick to respond and resolve the issue. Our experience with the customer serves team was very good, and if this is how they treat their customers I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out in the future.

An email response from Mary at the Fresh Prep customer service.

How did the meals turn out?

Even with the spilled ingredient we were able to complete the recipe, and make two delicious meals. Here is how they turned out.

I did end up using a bit much of the meat in the spicy dynamite chicken, but it was really good. The combo of crispy chicken with added heat really made this dish stand out. The Coconut Chickpea Masala was quite nice as well, with a sweet flavour and fresh zest with the lime and cilantro. Both dishes I would consider making again since the ingredients and recipes are very simple.

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We’d love to hear your experience dealing with the Fresh Prep customer service in the comments below.


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