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Transform your meals at home with Fresh Prep! Enjoy healthy, delicious meals starting at just $10.50 per serving.

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Last Updated: March 2023

Complete flexibility – skip, pause or cancel anytime.

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    Fresh Prep Review 2023 - What You Need to Know

    Looking for the perfect meal-kit delivery service that fits your budget and lifestyle? Our 2023 Fresh Prep review is here to answer all your questions. We’ll give you a look into their menu options, prices, membership plans, and how it compares to other services.

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    Table of Contents
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      Overview: What is Fresh Prep?

      Welcome to The Quick Dish’s Fresh Prep review!

      We’re here to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your next meal kit delivery service.

      Fresh Prep is absolutely worth checking out if you’re looking for a convenient and delicious way to enjoy high-quality meals at home.

      Fresh Prep is a Vancouver-based company founded in 2014 by Becky Brauer, Dhruv Sood, and Husein Rahemtulla. As a certified B Corp, Fresh Prep is committed to using sustainable and ethically-sourced ingredients, so you can feel good about what you’re eating.

      They started delivering their delicious meal kits to the Greater Vancouver area and have since expanded to Greater Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna, Penticton, and Vernon, Alberta.

      In addition, they now cover Calgary, including Okotoks, Airdrie, Red Dear, and as far north as Edmonton.

      With Fresh Prep, you’ll have access to a wide variety of healthy and delicious meals that are easy to prepare, no matter where you live.

      Let’s dive in and see what Fresh Prep has to offer.

      Ingredients, Quality and Sustainability

      When it comes to ingredients, quality, and sustainability, Fresh Prep truly stands out. The company offers ten chef-designed recipes each week, all made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. In addition, they source their seafood sustainably, and all of their poultry is antibiotic-free.

      Fresh Prep is also committed to providing options for different dietary needs, such as carb-conscious, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free meals. Each recipe is thoughtfully planned and prepared with quality ingredients at an affordable cost for a delicious home-cooked meal made by you.

      In addition to its commitment to quality ingredients, Fresh Prep is also committed to sustainability. As a certified B-Corp, the company is committed to minimizing its environmental impact, from providing a reusable cooler bag to reducing its use of single-use plastics and making its packaging recyclable. They even offer a Zero Waste Kit option where you can return everything except for the meat packaging, a rare feature among meal kit companies.

      An image of the reusable cooler bag sitting on the door step from the Fresh Prep review.
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      Fresh Prep Screenshot of meal plans
      Photo Credit: Fresh Prep

      Membership Options & Promo Code

      At Fresh Prep, you can choose from a range of pricing options and membership plans to suit your budget and lifestyle. Our meal-kits are affordable, starting at just $10.50 per meal for two servings – although prices may vary depending on the menu item you choose.

      Signing up with Fresh Prep is easy. First, you choose your plan size and set dietary preferences for vegan-friendly, gluten-free, or meat options each week.

      Next, you can select from 10 weekly recipes and a variety of Add-ons for quick and easy meals and sides. Finally, you’ll receive your weekly delivery of fresh pre-cut and pre-portioned ingredients in an insulated cooler bag.

      Don’t forget to use our exclusive promo code AFL75OFF for 75% off plus free shipping on your first Fresh Prep order!

      Complete flexibility – skip, pause or cancel anytime.

      Delivery & Customer Service

      With Fresh Prep, you can expect fast and reliable delivery across most British Columbia and Alberta cities.

      They currently deliver to over 20 cities, including Abbotsford, Burnaby, Calgary, Chilliwack, Comox Valley, Coquitlam, Delta, Edmonton, Kelowna, Langley, Maple Ridge, Mission, Nanaimo, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Pitt Meadows, Red Deer, Richmond, Squamish, Sunshine Coast, Surrey, Tsawwassen, Vancouver, Vernon, Victoria, and White Rock.

      All meals are packaged in returnable insulated cooler bags and will arrive as scheduled. In addition, fresh Prep provides excellent updates on your order and customer service for any questions or concerns.

      Their customer service team is friendly, attentive, and always willing to help, providing fast and accurate answers to your questions.

      Fresh Prep Zero watse kit

      The Fresh Prep Zero Waste Kit

      Now, this is something we can get behind: Pre-chopped, measured ingredients packed in reusable, returnable containers. If you’ve ever wanted to try meal kit delivery but felt there is just too much waste associated with them, you’re not alone. And, you’re not wrong.

      Typically, meal kits come packed with an assortment of small containers and plastic bags. Granted, a lot of that material is recyclable. However, it still doesn’t address the most important of the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).


      Learn More About The Fresh Prep Zero Waste Kit

      How does the Zero Waste kit work? 

      The Fresh Prep Zero Wast Kit gets delivered to your door in a reusable cooler bag containing pre-cut, measured ingredients sealed in a convenient storage container similar to a snap lock.
      I love how easy Fresh Prep has made its zero-waste kit. First, remove the container from the cooler bag and store it in the fridge until you’re ready to cook the recipe. Then, when you’re ready to cook, remove and pour out each ingredient as per the easy-to-follow recipe. Cook and enjoy! Since there’s no prep other than cooking, clean-up is simple, making the Zero waste kit not only convenient but highly sustainable as well. Win-Win!

      When done, rinse the reusable cups, either under the tap, or place them on the top rack of your dishwasher. Fresh Prep takes care of the more thorough sanitization once they collect the Zero Waste Kit. Fresh Prep will collect the entire kit on their next delivery.
      Also, it’s worth noting that Fresh Prep provides the Zero Waste kits at no additional charge to its customers. In addition, they are part of the regular weekly menu options. While there are plans to expand on the Zero Waste recipe options, currently, you can find two recipes among the weekly offers. I sure hope to see more variety soon, and I believe that Fresh Prep’s commitment to sustainability will ensure a move towards more of this feature.

      Fresh Prep Review Exclusive Promo Code

      Ready to try Fresh Prep for yourself? Click the “See Plans” button now and use our Fresh Prep Promo Code AFL75OFF for 75% off and free shipping!

      Our Experience Ordering from Fresh Prep

      Alright, so let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the Fresh Prep review and my first impressions. First, I’ll admit, my expectations were relatively high as I was excited to try the Fresh Prep Zero Waste Kit for the first time.

      The Fresh Prep Delivery

      Fresh Prep provided us with a delivery window between 10 Am and 4 Pm, and from the option of Sunday, Monday, or Wednesday, we decided to go with Wednesday. We received a confirmation email with our order details and the delivery time when our order was complete. In addition to the email, they provided an SMS (Text) option to receive delivery status and notifications via cell phone. We did, however, experience a bit of a delay when it came time for our delivery. We received two delay notifications which pushed our order delivery closer to 8 Pm. However, I will say that the communication level was great. And, we had plenty of time to make alternate dinner plans for that evening as it wasn’t looking like we’d receive our order in time.

      Suppose you’re familiar with other meal kit delivery services. In that case, you’ll know that orders are typically shipped in an insulated cardboard box with the recipes either packed in a paper bag or a single-use plastic bag. When our order arrived, I was happy to see that it was delivered and packed in the returnable cooler bag as described. Next, we removed the Zero Waste Kit and regular recipe and stored them in the refrigerator until we were ready to cook.

      Our First Fresh Prep Recipe

      Upon arrival, I inspected the kits to see what the condition of all the ingredients was. Unfortunately, I’ve been disappointed with the quality of the various meal kits I’ve tried in the past. However, I’m pleased to report that all the ingredients that Fresh Prep provided were fresh and crisp. Everything looked like it could have come straight from the grocery store. Since it was too late to cook my meals that night, I stored the recipes in the fridge for the night.

      When I was ready to cook the first meal, I first read over the entire recipe. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. My first meal (Indian chicken tikka wraps) was one of Fresh Prep’s “1 Pan” options, rated as easy and a 30-minute recipe.
      The prep time and cook time were accurate and as described in the recipe. I tend to cook ingredients like chicken a little bit longer than they suggest, but that’s just my personal preference. Finally, I rinsed all the plastic, minus the meat packaging, and tucked it back in the cooler bag to return to Fresh Prep.
      The results were quite tasty! And, as far as portions are concerned, I found the main to be a decent size and the side salad to be more than enough for two people. I would eat this meal again.

      fresh prep review Indian tikka wrap recipe
      fresh prep review Spicy chorizo and eggs hash

      Our Second Fresh Prep Recipe

      When it came time to cook the second meal (Spicy chorizo & egg hash), I was already familiar with how the Fresh Prep recipes worked. However, this time I was preparing the Fresh Prep Zero Waste Kit meal, and admittedly, I was looking forward to seeing how they worked firsthand. It’s worth noting that there is very little extra prep involved with these kits, which is highly convenient. With the small amount of additional prep finished, all that remains is to add the pre-measured ingredients as per the recipe.

      In addition, there is minimal extra packaging in the recipe, besides the meat products, of course. And what little there is can be rinsed along with the kit containers and returned in the cooler bag.

      As it turned out, we had a guest show up that evening, so I added a couple of extra eggs that we had on hand, and we could feed a third person easily. The meal turned out quite lovely and luckily we were able to improvise just slightly.

      Fresh Prep Review Final Thoughts

      In conclusion, Fresh Prep is an excellent meal delivery service that stands out in its commitment to sustainability, convenience, and quality. The Fresh Prep Zero Waste Kit is an innovative feature that makes meal preparation and clean-up simple but also helps reduce waste. The variety of menu options, including vegetarian options and organic foods, is constantly updated. Their customer service is friendly and reliable, and the delivery is fast and convenient. Compared to other meal delivery services, Fresh Prep stands out in its ease of use, quality ingredients, and environmental commitment. Fresh Prep is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a meal delivery service that offers convenience, quality, and sustainability. Thank you for reading. I hope you’ve found this Fresh Prep review helpful.

      Fresh Prep Review Exclusive Promo Code

      Ready to try Fresh Prep for yourself? Click the “See Plans” button now and use our Fresh Prep Promo Code AFL75OFF for 75% off and free shipping!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Fresh Prep offers a range of pricing options and membership plans to suit your budget and lifestyle. The cost per plate ranges from $13.50 for a 2-person meal with two recipes to $10.50 for a family plan with four recipes. However, remember that Fresh Prep offers free shipping and pick-up of the cooler bag, which can offset the cost. Additionally, Fresh Prep uses high-quality ingredients and provides a wide selection of meal choices, which may make it a slightly more expensive option than other meal delivery services but with a better quality overall.

      Canceling Fresh Prep is a simple process. You can change, modify or cancel your orders up to Wednesday at 11:59 PM before your next delivery. To cancel your account, simply email Fresh Prep at before the weekly cutoff time. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after.

      With Fresh Prep, you have the flexibility to choose from up to 10 meals per week, each made with high-quality, fresh ingredients. The meals are designed to serve 2-4 people, and you can choose from 2-4 recipes per week. Each meal is quick and easy to prepare, taking only 20 minutes to cook. With this wide range of options, Fresh Prep makes it easy to find the perfect meal for any occasion.

      The meals from Fresh Prep are packed in insulated cooler bags with ice packs and insulated liners to keep the ingredients fresh for several hours after delivery. Although the meals can last for several days, it is recommended to consume them within four days of delivery for optimal freshness and taste. Fresh Prep is committed to providing high-quality, fresh ingredients to ensure that you have an enjoyable meal experience.


      No problem. The insulated cooler bags are packed with ice packs and insulated liners to ensure that your ingredients will stay as fresh as possible for as long as it takes even if you’re not home to receive the delivery.

      Absolutely, Fresh Prep drivers will pick up and return the following items. 

      • Cooler bag
      • Zero waste kit including cups and lid
      • Rinsed soft plastics 
        *Not including meat packaging.

      *Please note that Fresh Prep is not able to accept items that were not originally sent in your delivery such as other household recyclables.

      Fresh Prep delivers between Saturday - Wednesday, with time slots varying based on your location. Delivery options are growing over time, and current options for your location can be found by signing up for an account, or on your Account page.

      Fresh Prep Review Exclusive Promo Code

      Ready to try Fresh Prep for yourself? Click the “See Plans” button now and use our Fresh Prep Promo Code AFL75OFF for 75% off and free shipping!

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