Are Meal Kits Worth It?

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Are Meal Kits Worth it?

So let’s be honest here. Are meal kits worth it? Well, there is no substitution for planing out healthy meals in advance and shopping for organic goods locally in bulk. So if you’re already the type of person who loves putting together meal ideas and likes to shop at grocery stores, then perhaps these meal services are not for you. I prefer to support local farmers and producers of goods as much as possible. With that said, I often feel uninspired to come up with quick and easy meal ideas daily.

Where I feel that these kits have real value is in taking the guesswork out of meal prep. You already know what’s for dinner before you even step foot in the door after work. Typically, my wife would end up doing most of the cooking, and I would be on dish duty. It’s not that I don’t like to cook; it’s more that she would prefer to eat more than just steak and potatoes. When we introduced meal kits, we found that we were cooking more together as a family making dinner time less of a chore.

Besides saving time and possibly a relationship, you will find a few easy recipes that you like and add to your repertoire. So if you are looking for a way to break out of your rut, then meal kits are a great way to go.

How much do meal kits cost in Canada?

There are two questions to answer here, and they are: How much do meal kits cost for first-time customers? And, How much do they cost after the initial promotion?
In Canada and globally, meal kit companies offer tremendous discounts to attract new customers. It’s a tried and true method, with the idea being that once you try the meal kit service and see how convenient they are, you’ll stay on as a loyal customer.

So let me break it down for you. First, here is the most recent introductory promotion to Canada’s top three meal kits. But, again, this is the price for new customs only.


With HelloFresh, you can start a two-person plan between $33 and $60, depending on how many weekly recipes you want.
A four-person plan ranges between $65 and $105 with options for 3,4, or 5 recipes per week.
Here is the link to our full HelloFresh Review.

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As low as $5.50 per serving!

Chefs Plate

How does the Chefs Plate promo stack up?
For a two-person family, the price ranges between $16 and $33, with the option of 2,3,4, or 5 recipes per week. Regarding the four-person plan, expect to pay between $24 and $60 per week, depending on how many recipes you want.
You can read our full review of Chefs Plate here.

Chefs Plate
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As low as $2.99 per serving!


With Goodfood, there are more meal kit options, so the price varies more than the competitors. For example, for a two-person plan with a discount, prices range from $30 to $82, depending on your order’s size and variety. And if you are looking at feeding a family of 4, the four-person meal kits range between $50 and $178.
If you want more information on Goodfood, check our full meal kit review here.

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Finally, the cost of the same meal kits after the promotion is complete.

After the promotion has run its course, the price for a two-person meal kit costs between $83 and $125. So you’re looking at between $140 and $195 per week for the four-person kits, depending on how many meals you order.

Chefs Plate
When looking at Chefs Plate (the most affordable meal kit in Canada), a two-person kit costs between $46 and $100. And for the four-person meal kit option, prices range between $72 and $180

Finally, after the initial promotion, a Goodfood meal kit costs between $80 and $132 for a two-person kit and between $100 and $228 for a family-size box.

Do meal kits save you time? Are meal kits worth it?

Do Meal Kits Save You Time?

Yes, absolutely! Again, one of the most significant benefits to Meal kits IMO is the time you save. You can log in to your preferred website and pick out a week’s worth of meals in a matter of minutes. So, no more weekly meal planning or trips to the grocery store necessary. Of course, these days, you can order from most grocery stores online and have them deliver as well. So if you want to save time, subscribe to a meal kit delivery service, and order your daily essentials from your favourite grocery store.

Furthermore, the prep and cook total cook time is much more efficient with meal kits. For the most part, your ingredients are pre-prepared, and in most cases, all you need to do is add them as per the recipe. Otherwise, the most prep work I’ve seen is a bit of veggie chopping. In general, the recipes are easy to follow, and most only take half an hour to forty-five minutes total.

Do Meal Kits Save Money?

Well, that all depend on your current eating habits. For example, if you plan your meals and buy groceries accordingly, then no. Meal kits will not save you money. However, if you eat a few meals a week at restaurants, meal kits will save you money! Most people would not assume that a meal kit’s primary goal is to save you money. Are they convenient? Heck yes! Do you save time? Absolutely! Can they encourage healthy eating habits while having fun doing so? You bet!

Are meal kits cheaper than groceries? No, of course not, with one exception. It’s worth noting that most meal kit delivery companies offer an introductory discount. As a first-time subscriber, your first week of deliveries is often discounted by 50% or more. As a result, this costs you less than buying the same ingredients at a grocery store. This would be the only time a meal kit is cheaper than the equivalent in groceries. Also, these meal kit delivery companies are flexible regarding your subscription. (Skip or pause at any time). If you play your cards right, you can try each service at the introductory price before deciding on one.

Do Meal Kits Create Less Waste?

Are meal kits sustainable? The answer may surprise you. When you look at the typical supply chain for most grocery items, it starts with the source: a butcher, a farmer, or a production plant of some kind. Items must are processed, then stored before shipping to the grocery store. At that point, you, as the consumer, visit the store to pick out the items you intend to cook.

With meal kits, you still start with the same source. The items come directly from the farmer, butcher, or processor right to the meal kit company. Further processing and packaging occur at the meal kit company, were perfectly portioned ingredients are boxed up and sent directly to your door.

As a result, the supply chain is much shorter, reduces carbon emissions. Also, perfectly portioned ingredients lead to less food waste. You use almost all of what you receive in your meal kit. Finally, all packaging is 100% recyclable. And, in some instances, it’s even reusable.

In conclusion: Are Meal Kits Worth it?

Are meal kits worth it? With perfect portioned, healthy meal options, yes, meal kits are worth it! You’ll save a bunch of time and fuss. You’ll even have fun learning some new, quick meal ideas. There’s plenty of good reasons here why you should at least try one of the many reputable meal kit delivery services. And, as mentioned, as a first time subscriber, a meal kit plan will likely cost you less than buying the groceries from a grocery store. Win-Win!

If you’re looking for a side-by-side comparison of the top meal kit companies, see our comparison section. Here


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