Canada's Top Meal Kits and Food Subscription Boxes 2023

Meal kits have become more popular over the past few years, with more recipes and dietary options available than ever before. However, choosing the right service can be somewhat difficult when each claim to be the #1 best meal kit delivery service.  Not only that, but the deals and coupon codes seem to change frequently.

We have listed our top meal kits, which we have personally tried, reviews and compared them to help you find the best meal kits for you and you family. In addition,  we make sure that our site provides the latest and best discount code for each meal kit service. 

Last Updated December 2023

best meal kits Canada


Hello Fresh meal kit delivery service


Hello Fresh Canada

The ultimate meal kit for foodies! With 35 delicious recipes to choose from each week, you’ll never get bored of meal prep again. Say goodbye to boring dinners and hello to gourmet meals made easy. 

Try it now and taste the difference!

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Get Up to 20 Free Meals and Free Shipping across 4 boxes!

Plans from as low as $82.99 $32.99 a week

Complete flexibility – skip, pause or cancel anytime.





The meal kit for busy people! With pre-prepped ingredients and 15-minute meals, you’ll have more time for the things you love. Say goodbye to long cook times and hello to quick, healthy meals.

Try it now and see how easy meal prep can be!

Give FreshPrep a try today! 
Get up to $200 Off plus Free Shipping!

Plans from as low as $54.00 $13.50 a week

Complete flexibility – skip, pause or cancel anytime.


Chefs Plate Review


Chefs Plate Canada

The meal kit for foodies on a budget! With 24 delicious recipes to choose from each week and locally sourced ingredients, you’ll enjoy gourmet meals at a fraction of the cost. Say goodbye to expensive restaurants and hello to gourmet meals at home.

Try it now and save money on delicious meals.

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Plans from as low as $45.96 $13.31 a week

Complete flexibility – skip, pause or cancel anytime.


Good Food meal kit delivery service


GoodFood Meal Kit

The meal kit for healthy eaters! With a wide range of meal options to choose from, including vegetarian, low-carb, and high-protein options, you’ll enjoy healthy, delicious meals without sacrificing taste. Say goodbye to bland, boring meals and hello to delicious, healthy options.

Try it now and feel the difference.

Try GoodFood now and see for yourself why it’s a top-rated meal kit!
Get $40 Off and get Free Shipping!

Plans from as low as $86.94 $46.94 a week

Complete flexibility – skip, pause or cancel anytime.

Reviewing the Best Meal Kits and Food Delivery Services in Canada

Welcome to, where it is our absolute pleasure to review the best meal kits and food delivery services in Canada. We aim to provide reliable and up-to-date information to help you choose your meal subscription. We base our reviews on real-life, hands-on experiences and share the results with our readers.

In addition, any orders placed through links on our website result in deep discounts for first-time subscribers. Often these discounts mean that your first-time meal kits cost less than if you were to go out and buy the same ingredients from the grocery store. We hope this will provide extra value to you when choosing a meal kit delivery service.

The Quick Dish is happy to help you learn more about the numerous food delivery services and their options to improve your diet and life. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions or feel we’ve missed something in our reviews. We’re always happy to get feedback from you, and we will help in any way we can.

If you want to skip to the best meal kits Canada offers, follow these quick links to our top reviews.
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Chef’s Plate Review
Fresh Prep Review
GoodFood Review

If you’re more interested in seeing how these meal kits stack up in a side-by-side style comparison, follow these links to visit our meal kit comparison pages.
HelloFresh vs. Chef’s Plate
GoodFood vs. Chef’s Plate
HelloFresh vs. GoodFood

Our Approach to Meal Kit Reviews

Our meal kit review process started before we considered launching a review site. However, we didn’t know it at the time. My wife and I would subscribe to a new meal kit delivery service and take full advantage of the deep discounts offered (often cheaper than grocery shopping) to first-time customers. Once the offer had run its course, we would cancel the food delivery service and move on to the next.

After repeating this process a few times, we noticed some significant differences between various services and their quality vs. value. For example, we found that some recipes were poorly written, with some containing mistakes or unrealistic prep and cook times. In addition, the amount of waste generated by some meal kits was enough to turn us off completely.

I’m relieved that these meal kits have come a long way from those early days. Quality, variety, and consistency have all improved dramatically, and the overall amount of non-recyclable materials nearly reduced to none. But those real-life experiences would provide us with an approach on which we base our reviews. We begin our meal kit reviews right after browsing the food delivery services website.

  • We look for a variety of recipes, including vegetarian, non-vegetarian, family-friendly, and low-carb options.  
  • Is the ordering process straightforward and widely available across the country? 
  • Was the food box delivered on time and in good condition? 
  • Are the ingredients still fresh and well packed? 
  • How easy are the recipes to follow, and how accurate are the prep and cook times?
  • How much food waste and non-recyclable material comes with the most popular recipes? 
  • Of course, how tasty is the meal once prepared? 
  • Finally, is it easy to change, skip or cancel the order?

These are some of the main points we cover in each meal kit review. In our experience, this is often enough information to decide whether we would continue with the food delivery service. I suppose the final consideration is if there is still the same value once the subscription moves out of the discounted, first-time order.

Are Meal Kits Worth it?

The short answer to that question is: It depends on the person. I understand that may not be the direct yes, or no response you’re looking for, but let me do my best to explain. Are meal kits worth it to someone who loves planning and grocery shopping for a week’s worth of meals? No, probably not. Someone like that would likely think that meal kits are a silly waste of time and money when they are happy planning, shopping, and preparing meals from scratch.

Are meal kits worth it to someone who lives a busy lifestyle and struggles with constantly planning, shopping, and preparing meals? Yes, absolutely.
Are they worth it to someone starting to find it challenging to get out to the grocery store for various reasons, be it health or mobility-related? 100%, yes. Or how about someone who has recently moved out of Mom and Dad’s house and could use a little extra help in developing kitchen skills? Yes, of course.

The benefits of subscribing to a meal kit delivery service are almost endless. But in a nutshell, the most significant benefit is convenience. When your meals come straight to your front door, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of searching for recipes, making lists, and trekking to the store. An easy-to-prepare meal kit can save you time and effort, making them a convenient choice for more than just dinner. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and desserts are also available with some programs.

Better Value than Take-Out, or Dining. Out

More people than ever are dining in restaurants or picking up takeout on a daily basis. However, eating out is expensive, whether you’re enjoying a meal at a nice restaurant or grabbing fast food on the run. Meal kits are a significantly cheaper option for those who make a habit of eating out, with some starting at $2.99 per person. You can also enjoy better quality for the price.

Eat Healthier Meals More Often

When you prepare food at home, you’re more likely to reduce your intake of sodium, refined sugar, processed additives and saturated fats. In addition, most meal delivery plans include options to help you eat more produce and actually enjoy it. Once you’ve learned to prepare vegetables and lean proteins in a way that’s healthy and delicious, you’re more likely to kick your old, unhealthy dietary habits. With a more nutritious diet, you can reduce your risk for numerous diseases, boost your energy and reduce inflammation.

Savour Fresher Ingredients

Most meal delivery companies change things up on a weekly basis. Some recipes are crafted based on what’s fresh, plentiful and in-season. This means you can enjoy a wider variety of options year-round while eating foods when they’re at their best. Some organizations, like Fresh N’ Lean, focus on seasonal, local ingredients so you can savor fresh produce and protein at its peak. Insulated packaging and precisely timed deliveries help ensure that your order stays fresh during transport.

Learn New Cooking Skills

It can be intimidating to try new recipes, especially if you’re not a particularly experienced cook. Fortunately, many food delivery service companies make each step clear and simple so you can try new techniques with confidence. Blue Apron is a popular choice because their instructions are easy to follow, making it less intimidating for those who are new to cooking or have a limited skill set.

Expand Your Palate

There’s an entire world of flavors out there, but many people fail to venture beyond the foods they’re used to. Meal kits are the perfect way to try new flavor profiles and international cuisines at a pace that works for you. Feed your adventurous side and experience all that the culinary world has to offer. You may be surprised to find which spices and ingredients become your new go-to favorite. 

Create Less Food Waste

How many spoiled groceries are you throwing away each week? When you choose a meal delivery service, you receive the exact number and amount of ingredients needed to make perfectly portioned meals. That means no more unused items going bad in the back of your pantry or fridge and less money wasted on items you don’t need.  It’s also a more responsible way to shop and feed yourself or your family.

Options for Every Dietary Need

If you or someone in your family has a food allergy or dietary restriction, have no fear. In fact, a food delivery service can take all of the frustration and guesswork out of cooking for those with specific needs, making it easier than ever to prepare a meal everyone can eat and enjoy. Most companies offer at least a few recipes each weak that cater to some of the most common food allergies and restrictions, such as:

  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Low-carb
  • Ketogenic Diet
  • Vegetarian
  • Paleo

However, some companies are more focused on centering their menus around a specific dietary lifestyle.


Finding ingredients that are 100% plant-based at your local grocery store can be tough. You have to do your research, read ingredient lists and check labels on almost everything you buy to ensure there are no animal ingredients or by-products. Companies like Splendid Spoon and Purple Carrot eliminate the work by offering a wide variety of vegan meals, so you can keep things interesting and animal-free.


If you want to enjoy all of the benefits of a meal kit subscription but prefer organic foods, consider options like Green Chef or Sun Basket. These companies use mostly or solely organic ingredients, many of which are USDA certified. In addition to fruits, veggies and proteins, some companies also offer prepackaged organic snacks and treats to eliminate the need for extra shopping.

Other Special Diets

Meal delivery is a great option for those who need to stick to a special diet for health concerns. Look for companies with meals that are heart-healthy or diabetes-friendly. Some even include options for people who are members of specific weight-loss programs, like Weight Watchers.

What to Expect When Ordering

Ready to prepare fresh, convenient meals at home? Here’s what you need to know before you sign up.


Sign Up

Whether you want to start a free trial or are committing to a plan, you'll likely have to register with your zip code and email address before you can get an accurate price quote. The cost of perishable ingredients in your area can cause some variations in pricing. Most offer deep discounts, complimentary gifts or free trial periods simply for testing out one week's worth of food.

Pick a Plan

Once you've settled on a meal delivery service that appeals to your tastes and meets your needs, you'll need to pick a plan. Most companies offer between two and four meals per week, but you can increase the number of servings so you can enjoy leftovers on the nights you aren't cooking. Some services allow you to pick from week to week, while others may require you to order one month at a time.

ChooseYour Recipes

One of the most exciting components of a meal kit subscription is browsing the available recipes. These options tend to change on a regular basis, so while you may see occasional repeats of classics and popular options, you'll likely encounter plenty of variety each time you place a new order. Some companies offer as many as 20 recipes to choose from every week!

Choosing the Right Meal Kit, and Food Subscription Box for Your Needs

Online meal kits are becoming a popular dinner choice for millions of people across the U.S. With dozens of programs and subscriptions to choose from, how can you know which one is right for you? Consider these factors before you commit.


Even though some plans can save you money, especially if you tend to eat out often, other subscriptions that come with more bells and whistles aren't necessarily budget-friendly. Evaluate your personal finances to determine how much you can afford to spend each month on food. This can help you pick a service you'll enjoy without breaking the bank.


If your goal is to try new foods and experience different flavor profiles, you may not find what you're looking for with the cheapest meal delivery options. Browse the menus and recipes on your top choices to determine which subscriptions will keep you satisfied and coming back for more.


Before you commit to a plan, check the fine print for any contract requirements as well as the general cancellation policy. Some companies allow you to skip a meal or a week without charge, while others will just credit your account towards a future order. Be sure to look for how long you have to make any changes to your selections before your scheduled delivery day as well.

Turn to The Quick Dish for Helpful Meal Kit Reviews

What are the most popular meal kits out there? Which subscription will give you the most bang for your buck? Whose recipes tend to amaze and which ones fall flat? For answers to all of your questions about meal kit subscriptions, The Quick Dish has you covered. Browse our site  for helpful tips, tricks and reviews so you can choose the perfect food delivery plan today.

Now it’s time to select the plan that’s right for you. Typically, the options are as follows. Select your dietary option. Most, if not all, the delivery services will have a mixed menu and a full vegetarian option. Then select the number of people you want to feed. In most cases, your choice is two or four people. Finally, choose the number of meals you wish to receive per week. is a Canadian review site dedicated to providing hands-on, reliable information on the best meal kits and food delivery services available in Canada. We help users choose the right meal subscription based on real-life experiences.

Yes, orders placed through links on our website often result in deep discounts for first-time subscribers, making your first meal kit purchase more affordable than buying the same ingredients from a grocery store.

Our reviews cover a variety of factors such as recipe variety, ordering process, delivery reliability, ingredient freshness, ease of recipe instructions, food waste, and overall taste and value of the meal.

Meal kits can be a cheaper option than dining out regularly. With prices starting as low as $2.99 per person, they offer better value and quality, helping you save money and enjoy healthier meals.

Yes, most meal delivery services provide a range of recipes catering to common dietary preferences and restrictions, including dairy-free, gluten-free, low-carb, ketogenic, vegetarian, paleo, vegan, and organic options.

To sign up, you usually need to register with your postal code and email address. After signing up, you can pick a plan, choose your recipes, and look forward to convenient and fresh meals delivered to your door.

Consider factors such as price, selection, and subscription flexibility. Evaluate your food budget, desired culinary experiences, and read our comprehensive reviews to make an informed decision.

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